Asphalia for natural sleep

Asphalia For Natural Sleep

Asphalia for Sleep

Asphalia (Festuca arundina) a unique meadow sweet grass that contains a phsyiologically appropiate level of melatonin. This helps to protect the brain from electro magnetic frequancy, and helps aid sleep but in a way that enables the natural sleep architecture to be maintained.

Our three stage milling process, producing submicron particles, not only prevents the proteins from denaturing but also permits easier sublingual intake straight into the blood stream for fast action.

It is approved by the Vegetarian Society as being suitable for vegans and gluten free.

Leading nutritionists are hailing Asphalia as the biggest breakthrough in sleep improvement for decades.

Made in Wales .... naturally.

Developed by the internationally recognised Coghill Research Laboratories as a radio-protective agent against the ravages of powerline, cellphone and their associated masts. Contains berries, fruits, vegetables, leaves and edible grasses it is proving very effective for wider applications including:

Significantly improved sleep patterns

Improved complexion

Immune competence


Grown in Wales, and produced in four varieties at Coghill Research Laboratories, Pontypool with financial assistance from the European Community Regional Investment Fund and the Welsh Assembly Government.

Asphalia (Festuca Arundina) is a unique meadow grass that contains a phsyiologically appropiate level of melatonin. This helps to protect the brain from harmful EMF (electro magnetic frequancy), and helps to aid sleep but in a way that enables the natural sleep architecture to be maintained.

The high anti-oxidant formula, is a completely natural radioprotective against electromagnetic fields and radiations (EMFs) such as those from cellphones, powerlines and masts, It antioxidant potential is five times as powerful as Vitamin C.

Asphalia is produced in a Welsh valley from entirely natural plant materials chosen for their high antioxidant profile. It helps maintain a healthy lifestyle as part of a normal diet, improves the state of natural sleep, fights off the free radicals which otherwise cause premature aging, and improves general appearance. 

Ingredients include:

Festuca arundinacea (a natural meadowgrass), red clover and white clover.

Note: Red Clover and White Clover - anti-cancer properties, psoriasis, as an anti-inflammatory, gout and arthritis, bronchitis, whooping cough, constant cough, sinus and post nasal drip, breast cancer.

Let us whet your appetite by showing you a few selected testimonials from the many we receive!

Haverford West-”From the time the TETRA antenna was operational I have had sleep disturbance, poor short term memory, and difficulty remembering words. After taking Asphalia I found I enjoyed a thoroughly restful sleep and felt ready to face the day with a good level of energy and an alert mind. – without Asphalia I seldom sleep well, and only occasionally enjoy such energy levels”.

RB West Sussex-”Normally I get up twice during the night. On the first night of Asphalia I slept the whole night and delightful dreams. I used to have a lot of dreams where I had feelings of anxiety. Now I feel calm and unconcerned even when events in the dream are worrying. So I ordered a pack and have been using it ever since, and sleep right through the night”.

SF, Stockport, Cheshire-”I am getting more sleep than in previous years. The most marked effect (and I think this is very important) is how the night time full body jerking that I suffer (which seems to be common in people with fibromyalgia) has been reduced. It is a most painful side-effect that involves walking around the house for hours because it is impossible to lie or sit still. I have been on all sorts of drugs in the past, but nothing has controlled it. This could be a tremendous breakthrough for the lab if the improvement is stabilised. Another aspect is that I feel a lot calmer, including this last week end when it was a full moon and the air pressure in my area changed dramatically which is when we often seem to feel more effect from the mast”.

LI, Sutton Coldfield, West Midlands-”Although I no longer live near a mast and sleep quite well, I tried the sample three times at home, and noticed a difference, feeling much more refreshed the following morning and in fact sleeping right through for up to eight hours”.

Asphalia For Natural Sleep : a blend of wheat, barley, and other gramineous species leaves rich in natural ingredients to maintain good health.

Asphalia for Sleep

Instructions and Contra-indications

Take just one capsule into the mouth, and swallow with a small amount of water just before bedtime. For faster assimilation break open the capsule gently and add to a teaspoon or two of water, then take the liquid under the tongue for 30 seconds before swallowing. Children under 12 should take only ½ capsule. Not for infants under 12 months. Do not consume if about to drive or operate machinery. Pregnant women should consult their physician before taking.

The Asphalia Plus Starter Kit is supplied in a metal container, which should be stored inside a refrigerator until used.

Asphalia is not chemically polluted!

Much of the so called “fresh” fruit and vegetables on sale today is chemically treated with often hazardous chemicals. A 2003 study by the UK Govt’s Dept of Health revealed that 12% of pears contained carbendazim, a possible carcinogen, 2% of potatoes contain aldicarb, a nerve poison, over 20% of apples contain chloropyrifos, a hormone disrupting chemical, and many more examples of chemical pollution were found in so called “fresh” fruit and vegetables.

Other important Scientific Information

Studies have now shown that regular intake of dietary supplements can maintain health and provide what even many fresh foods cannot. Asphalia is developed to optimise these needs as part of a normal calorie-controlled diet, and thereby help fortify you against life’s environmental challenges. For example some fresh fruit and vegetables are rich in natural antioxidants which combat aging and ill health by quenching the damaging effects on DNA and energy synthesis (ATP) of free radicals. Our ingredients have been selected to include the most powerful antioxidants for this reason. But these do not work in isolation, and if used so could actually be hazardous to health: this is why Vitamin C is limited to a 500mg dose. The body needs a combination of ingredients for optimal protection such as found in Asphalia. What’s more these seem to be more effective if naturally derived from plants than if synthesised chemically.


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